The Best IWC Replica Watches From The 2000s

We like to talk about a lot of antique watches in the team. Although most of what we write focuses on the latest releases and developments, it is sometimes strange and sometimes wonderful for many of us in the world of antique watches. This is a world full of history, extraordinary watches, incredible stories and weird details. This inspired us to propose a series of articles focusing on the best watches in the selected brands every decade. Some are priceless, and some can still be bought. In this issue, we will learn about the best IWC replica watches of the 2000s.

At the turn of the millennium, Switzerland proudly regained the title of world watchmaking capital. The 2000s formed the blueprint of the watch industry as we know it today in many ways. At the beginning of the 21st century, mechanical watches were very popular. Major brands are no longer just selling instruments that can show time, but have become the cornerstone of the luxury world, and the watch industry is booming.

IWC in the 2000s

The popularity of IWC replica really began in the 2000s. In the 1990s, the brand successfully launched a series of amazing watches, and after becoming part of the Richemont group, the brand made a huge breakthrough in the 2000s. In 1991, legendary g ü nther Blumlein founded LMH group, which owns 100% of replica IWC. A Lange & s ö HNE 90% and Jaeger LeCoultre 60%. Richemont acquired LMH group in 2000, and George Kern became the new CEO of IWC in 2002. Under Kern’s leadership, IWC has grown into a very popular brand and gained a wider audience.

The secret of replica IWC’s success is to combine great product development with Kern’s marketing strategy. In terms of product development, IWC launched the famous internal movement 5000 in 2000. The movement is famous for its seven day power reserve combined with IWC’s Pellaton automatic winding system. The 5000 Series powered the Portuguese automatic 2000 launched in 2002 and fake IWC’s famous big pilot. In 2003, IWC launched the Portuguese perpetual calendar, and Spitfire series was added to the brand’s pilot watch series. In 2004, the brand launched a new Aquatimer series, and a year later, a Genta inspired designer was launched. All this shows that copy IWC was one of the most successful Swiss brands in the 2000s. Let’s take a look at the five most outstanding watches of that era.

IWC Aquatimer Chronograph Cousteau Replica Watches

As I mentioned just now, IWC replica launched the new Aquatimer replica Series in 2004. Previously, the Aquatimer name was part of the GST series. However, in 2004, Replica IWC decided to make it a separate diving watch series. The name of water timer was first introduced in 1967. The first water timer was created to solve the problem of the increasing popularity of leisure diving. If you look at the first water timer reference 812ad and compare it with the water timer in 2004, you will see the similarities. In particular, the conventional automatic water timer Ref The 3548 adopts the design inspiration of the original watch, with an internal diving bezel and a double crown. In the following years, IWC copy released different models in various colors.

The underwater timer model that has always held a special position in my heart is the Cousteau diver. In 2006, IWC replica released a very special limited edition Cousteau diver. The IWC Aquatimer timepiece Cousteau pays tribute to Calypso ref.iw3782-01 and is still a beautiful watch. One reason is that there is a wooden inlay on the back of the watch, which is the wood of Jacques Cousteau’s famous research ship kalipso. This is a great opportunity to have a history. IWC produced 2500 watches and became a favorite of collectors. This is also one of my favorite IWC replica watches. Like many of us, when I was young, I was fascinated by Cousteau’s films. I still remember, just like yesterday, when I was a teenager, every Saturday afternoon, Dutch TV would broadcast a Cousteau documentary.

IWC Big Pilot’s replica Watch

In 2002, IWC replica watch launched the most iconic watch in history. IWC big pilot replica watch Ref 5002 is modeled after the famous IWC beobachtungsuhren or b-uhren, which was provided to the German air force in 1940. These oversized watches measure 55mm and are driven by pocket watch movements. IWC supplied 1000 pieces to the German air force according to the Ministry of air force specification fl 23883 b-uhren. B-uhren has two dial variants, but IWC only produces A-type dial with Arabic hour marks around the dial. The watch numbered 431 is called Grosse fliegeruhr in German, which means “the watch of a big pilot” in English.

When the legendary g ü nther Blumlein was the CEO of fake IWC, he already wanted to reintroduce the big pilot watch. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2001, when the new Gros fregluer Ref 5002 was unveiled at the 2002 Basel World Expo. The case of this modern version of the big pilot watch is just over 46mm, 9mm smaller than the original. The shell thickness is 15.8mm, the lug width is 22mm, and the waterproof grade is 60m. Its size and existence made big pilot one of the most influential watches in the early 21st century, when oversized watches were very popular.

IWC Portuguese Perpetual Replica Watches

The last watch on this list is the IWC replica Portuguese perpetual calendar, number 5021. I already hinted at the perpetual calendar in the front of the article. If you know something about the history of IWC, you may guess that it is a watch. This watch was first introduced in 2003, and it has undergone two important upgrades compared with the Da Vinci watch of IWC replica equipped with Kurt Klaus’s famous perpetual calendar mechanism. After some adjustments, the IWC ensured that the calendar had only one day’s rest in 577 years, while Da Vinci’s was 177 years. In addition, Copy IWC has equipped its new Portuguese perpetual calendar with an internal 5000 Series movement, increasing the power reserve to an impressive 7 days. Therefore, the Portuguese perpetual calendar number 5021 has become one of the largest symbols of the brand.

In addition, IWC replica has also launched an incredible cold Bi hemispheric lunar phase indicator. Usually, the moon phase indicator of a watch shows the phase of the moon in the northern hemisphere. But if you live below the equator, the phase of the moon is opposite to that above the equator. As a result, people living in Australia, South Africa or Brazil are usually unlucky when it comes to moon phase watches. IWC eventually provided a traditional or Bi hemispheric lunar phase indicator for watches. However, since the latter has become a trademark of IWC, if you ask me, it is worth pursuing.

Final Thoughts

I can only cover some of the many classic works produced by replica IWC in the past decade. When it comes to IWC, there is a very rich world where different models and references can be found. The 2000s was an amazing time for the brand, with many wonderful introductions. I could have easily selected five other models I like for this list. Along with Kurt Klaus and Richard habring, the brand has some industry giants who have created the best watches in a decade and pushed IWC to the forefront of the watch industry. Under the leadership of Georges Kern, Copy IWC found a larger audience and became the brand we know today.

IWC Aquatimer Replica Watches Swiss Made

Introduced in 1982 as a wristwatch for German navy divers before being sold commercially, the IWC Replica Watches Swiss Made Porsche Design Ocean 2000 was styled by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the designer behind the iconic 911 sports car. A remarkably sleek yet functional timepiece.

Forty-two millimetres in diameter and made of titanium just like the Ocean 2000, the new IWC Replica Watches Reviews Aquatimer is also the thinnest dive watch in the IWC collection. But it is still 14.5mm high, almost 50% thicker than the Ocean 2000, which was just over 10mm.

The Aquatimer also features the SafeDive bezel that’s found on all current Fake IWC dive Watches. It’s an unusual mechanism with an inner rotating elapsed time ring that sits under the sapphire crystal, which is controlled by the external bezel. Both are linked by gears hidden under a cap on the case at nine o’clock.

And the one element of the new Aquatimer that’s exactly the same as the Ocean 2000 is the movement, the Best IWC Replica Watches cal. 30120 that is actually an ETA 2892-A2. It’s robust, easy to service, as well as self-winding with a 42-hour power reserve.

IWC Replica Aquatimer Watches Swiss Made

IWC Replica Watches released a slew of new models in its revamped IWC Aquatimer collection of luxury divers’ watches. For fans of vintage watches — and vintage IWC watches, specifically — we highlight here six important IWC Aquatimers from the brand’s history.

First Aquatimer

In 1967, IWC reacted to the growing popularity of amateur scuba diving and launched its first divers’ watch. The first Cheap IWC Aquatimer Replica was water-resistant to 200 meters and became the foundation of a successful new watch family for the watch brand from Schaffhausen.

Ocean 2000

Working closely with designer Ferdinand A. Porsche, IWC began producing the Ocean 2000 sports divers’ Copy IWC Watches in 1982. For a time replacing the Aquatimer in the collection, it was the first series-built divers’ watch in titanium, with a tested water-resistance to 2,000 meters.

Aquatimer GST Automatic 2000

In 1998, IWC Replica Watches reinstated the traditional Aquatimer name and launched the Aquatimer GST Automatic 2000, in a titanium case water-resistant to 2,000 meters, as part of a new line of sports watches.

Aquatimer GST Deep One

In 1999, IWC unveiled the Aquatimer GST Deep One. Also in a titanium case, it was the first IWC Replica Watches Reviews to incorporate a mechanical depth gauge, with a flyback hand for the maximum depth, and an internal rotating bezel to display dive times.

Aquatimer Split Minute Chronograph

In 2004, with the Aquatimer Split Minute Chronograph, IWC launched a divers’ watch equipped with a world-first function: a split-minute hand that operated separately from the chronograph and could be activated or deactivated underwater, to a depth of 120 meters.

Aquatimer Deep Two

In 2009, the IWC Replica Aquatimer Deep Two from IWC Schaffhausen succeeded the GST Deep One. It included a precise mechanical depth gauge that showed current dive depth as well as the depth attained during a dive, to a maximum of 50 meters.